Mytravelfamily is a social media platform to inspire others to travel more. It was designed to encourage traveling families, couples, and individuals to explore and travel more. 

Over the years we have built a precious travel community of like-minded families and individuals, who are genuinely interested in and engage with our content.

We share great travels experiences, travel gear, accommodations and restaurants all around the world.  

We seek to partner with brands that focus on traveling families and are of great value to our readers.    

Our approximate statistics each month are: 

  1. reach                          40.000
  2. impressions             60.000 
  3. engagement            3.7%.

Why work with us?

We know what we talk about when it comes to travelling especially with children.

We have been travelling with our kids since 2007 and already since they were babies from one month old.

Whether we hike in the Alps or eat insects at Asian markets, we love to explore and discover new places. 

Our experiences as a travelling family are real and genuine to other families.

How work with us?

We will share your brand or product through our social media channels; Instagram, Travel Blog and YouTube channel to reach thousands of travelling families. 

Here are some ways to work together :


1.  Photography and Videography.

We share your brand or destination with our engaged travel community in a personal way and will make sure this  aligns with your ideas and wishes. We provide high quality photography and videography. We are experienced in photography after many courses of award-winning photographers.

We can also create content for your brand for your own marketing purposes. 


2. Travel Writing.

Our passion is travel and blog writing. We feel genuinely inspired by many travel destinations and our content obviously reveals this passion. We would be happy to write a thorough blog post review.


3. Review Product

We love to share valuable travel products that can enhance and support our community on their travels. We are happy to create a fair review of your product or service.


Note: Negative Review policy

Above all, we want to provide trustworthy and credible travel experiences to our audience.

We focus on the positive, however in case of a negative experience during a campaign, we will discuss the situation privately with you prior to publication. 

Our traveling gear

We travel with a camera, several lenses and we also capture underwater and drone images.




Go Pro


A few Statistics from Mytravelfamily :

  • Monthly reach: 40.000
  • Impressions 60.000
  • High Engagement Rate 3.7%
  • Instagram followers: 45,000+


  • Core Age Range 35- 44.
  • Secondary Age Range 25-34.
  • 77% Women.
  • 23% Men.
  • Top Locations: United States (20 %), Australia (10 %), Europe (10%), furthermore South America and Asia.