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Do you want to start your world travel with kids, but you do not know how to plan a holiday with kids? Are you afraid it is going to be too much hassle to travel with young kids? Maybe you are scared of time differences and sleep schedules? Maybe you have nightmares about how you grab your toddler who wants to run off, while struggling with a screaming baby in one hand and a suitcase in the other hand. Your kids will probably assume the big mall is a playground. Your toddler will feel the urge to run up and down narrow plane aisles.  

These things are actually just usual things for kids to do. There is no need to feel uncomfortable. Children are raised all over the world. Toddlers run, babies cry and teenagers get cranky.

You will need to cope with this behavior, act, and help your kids to behave in a pleasant manner.

We learned throughout the years that the only limitations are the ones, you set yourselves. Having many small children never stopped us from family holidays anywhere in the world. We live in the Netherlands and we have travelled with our babies from one month on, for the past 13 years. When we went to Hawaii with our 6 kids, the journey took us 37 hours altogether. Our two youngest were a toddler and a baby back then!

Travel the world with kids means kids will broaden their views and grow into more adaptive adults. We love to learn about different cultures, eat local food and visit interesting sites. We will see fancy hotels, but also wander around local markets. We truly aim to understand the unique character of the places we visit. Travelling means family quality time together and creating precious memories that we all share and will last a lifetime.

However, we realize many parents think it is difficult to take long distance flights or road trips with kids. Many parents also believe they should wait until the kids have grown up. We disagree. 

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The world will open up for your family when you embrace change, have the right attitude, correct preparation, and a flexible approach. Your children will grow into global citizens who understand the wider world. Your family will enjoy and experience freedom when you travel together and live your life to the fullest.

Things will never be perfect with kids, but we can promise you it will be fun, amazing, and mostly: unforgettable! You have to remember things can get pretty stressful at home as well. When you travel, you do not have to worry about the responsibilities of running a household and work. 


Don’t wait and don’t let the time seep away from you, instead start making those memories now!
The moment you hike that magnificent mountain with your kids or swim in that blue paradise surrounded by fishes, you will know why you did it!

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This is us upon arrival at Honolulu Airport. The journey from Amsterdam to Honolulu took us about 37 hours!

GoWhee app: the essential app for traveling families

GoWhee App: a must have for traveling families!

When you are traveling with kids, you need to plan kids’ activities too. Always. You simply can not explore a city’s highlights all day long and expect your kids to behave well. You probably have  been there already. When you are at your destination and suddenly realize through your kids’ behavior you forgot to visit a playground… Quickly searching on Google for ‘things to do with kids’ while many playgrounds are not even on Google maps! Instead of searching the internet endlessly over and over again and often not even be successful , I would highly recommend to download the GoWhee app. 

The GoWhee app is the must-have app for traveling parents! The GoWhee App is developed by traveling parents for traveling parents, with photos, and honest reviews. You will find child friendly places, playgrounds , restaurants and accommodations worldwide with this app! All these locations are added and reviewed by traveling parents, who know what is right for kids.

You will find the amenities these places offer too, like: price, parking, hither they have a changing table, outdoor seating and so on. 

The GoWhee app was developed by Maud Maciak, a traveling mum. When she traveled through Europe with her family, she realized how difficult it is to find child friendly places. If you search the internet with: “where to find child friendly restaurants” you end up with paid advertisements. I was so excited when GoWhee founder Maud contacted me long ago and told me about the GoWhee app she was developing. Being a mum myself, we know how busy things can get before you leave on a holiday. There is often not enough time to properly investigate kids’ friendly places and accommodations. When we travel, we often spend many hours in a car on roadtrips and we often take long-haul flights. It is a must for the kids to find places where they can play and unwind. When Maud told me about her plans, I was so excited about her app! 

Click here and try the GoWhee app for free! 

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