Explore, learn and grow together!

We are two parents with six children who travel and explore our globe as often as possible.

Three months after we met, we went on a tour through Australia for a month.

The next year, our first baby was born and we continued traveling with children starting already from one month old.

With our six children and when the two youngest were a busy toddler and a small baby, we went to amazing Hawaii (21 hrs flight), to tropical Bali, we drove the scenic Highway Pacific in California and watched whales on high seas in Mauritius.

The next year, we drove 16 hours straight to Barcelona just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. During the pandemic, we undertook a road trip in Europe. 

Sometimes we have plenty of time to prepare for our trips. Sometimes we do not and we will leave on very short notice. The time we  went to California, we found tickets at a very cheap rate and decided to book and leave within two days. It was very busy to prepare for this trip in such a short time, but we knew it would be worth it! We try to travel whenever possible.

We know, we really understand and experienced how difficult it can be to organize, to pack and to travel with small children.

We also know, all our efforts have always been worth our journeys. 

Traveling is so much more than seeing new places, it is about expanding your vision of life and our planet and connecting with different people and cultures. 

We desire to create forever lasting memories together. We have many more trips planned ahead and so much more to discover together with our six children!

We truly hope to inspire you to do so as well! 

Love from Rakesh, Anjali, Eashan, Shail, Tanisha, Gyan, Rushil and Ishita.

What Others say about Mytravelfamily

Christina @macs_explore : ‘You are amazing in every way for all that you do and traveling that far with 6 kids!’
@kidswander : ‘You are like the voice of reason amongst the travel accounts. I love the clarity you offer about the world.’
Jillian @10.more.years : ‘Thank you for encouraging families to take the leap. You are an inspiration to us as we are just starting out!’
@nomadsinharmony: ‘I wish I knew you back then so we would have gotten travel inspiration from you even sooner’

Charlotte @thestachowiczfamily: ‘I love how you give us the whole picture in words and also tell about your struggles. You are so down to earth!’

Shylo @shytravels : ‘I absolutely love how you write your captions, I always feel like I’m being transported into your story, it’s awesome!’

Elmie @elmiefairchild: ‘When I feel initimidated making travel plans with my one toddler, I love reading your account for a little reality check!’
Jyoti @velvet_escape007: ‘You make travel so seamless. You claim not to stick to schedules, simply to make the best memories & teach other parents to broaden their view.’

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