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Maldives with kids

Haver you ever considered going to the Maldives with kids? You must have seen photos of the Maldives. Perfect white sandy beaches, the clearest sea and the bluest heaven. The Maldives looks like paradise on earth, no doubt possible. Also, you must have seen videos of perfectly shaped couples, swimming together in perfect harmony. At sunset, they enjoy quiet, romantic dinners, and listen to the calming waves of the Indian Ocean, while the sun paints the sky in the most breathtaking, burning colors.

You probably decided at this point, wading through toys and chaos at home, the Maldives is not meant to be for your family.

Well, you are wrong. We have had the same questions. We did not know if the Maldives would be a suitable family holiday destination.We thought the Maldives was preferably a couples-only destination and a perfect honeymoon retreat. A paradise where you can sit, relax, eat, drink and swim all day in peace and without noise.

We knew about some families who had been there, but still we had our doubts. What to do in the Maldives with kids? What to do when you have enough of swimming and eating? What to see in the Maldives? Is there more to enjoy than sea, sand and blue skies, cocktails and food? Would our kids get bored? Would we get bored? Where to stay in Maldives with kids? Can we even afford to go to the Maldives with kids? How can we keep our costs reasonable?

What if… Maldives is not even worth the hype??

Well , let me tell you; we made some of our most precious memories in the Maldives. We spent one week in a luxurious resort and one week at a local island, Hulhumalé with kids in the Maldives.

The first week was luxurious at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. Our kids were heartedly welcomed at hard Rock Hotel Maldives. We were completely spoiled with cocktails, great food, an amazing beach and fun pool. Read more about our experiences at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. 

The second week we stayed at a local island, Hulhulmale. It was very affordable and we spent our days with snorkeling, watching dolphins, going to a sandbank and catching fishes. An adventure filled week which we will treasure a lifetime with diveclubmaldives. Read more about our snorkeling adventures.

Our kids running in our backyard / the beach at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Facts about the Maldives

Most people know the Maldives is a beautiful, tropical paradise with the most pristine turquoise waters, and amazing white sand beaches. Perfect over-water bungalows, cocktails at glorious sunsets and utterly romantic vibes, those Maldivian photos and videos are famous worldwide. Most people also know the Maldives is a very expensive destination.

What most people do not know, is the difference between local islands and resorts. They do not know the Maldives can be visited on a budget. Many people are unaware of the Muslim religion in the Maldives that results in strict clothing regulations and laws at local islands.

They are unaware of the abundant sea life in the Indian ocean.

Most people do not know, climate change and rising sea levels are a serious threat to the Maldives.


So how many islands are there in the Maldives? The Maldives exists of no fewer than 1192 islands in the Indian Ocean, and only 200 islands are inhibited! Approximately 164 islands are developed as touristic resort destinations.

The islands are scattered throughout the ocean. In this way, the Maldives covers an area of approximately 90,000 square kilometers, with only 298 square kilometers land mass. Most Maldivians live in villages on small islands and only a few islands have over 1,000 inhabitants. Male is the capital city and the busiest of all islands.

The islands are in fact tops of a mountain range rising only about 1 to 1,5 metres above sea level and this makes the Maldives very vulnerable to climate change. In a few decades, the Maldives might be completely sunken, and this is a heartbreaking idea.

The islands are small, usually only one to two square kilometres in area, and no individual island is longer than eight kilometres. Many resorts are built solely on one island, so you can not just walk to different resorts.   

The islands are geographically grouped into 26 atolls. The atolls are coral reefs that form a double chain in which several islands are grouped. Sea life is abundant and magical, also large species such as manta rays and whale sharks are swimming in the Maldivian waters.

The Maldives obviously relies heavily on tourism.

In sharp contrast it seems, to the bikini’s and shorts visitors wear, on the local islands, the local laws are in force. The Maldives is a strict Muslim country, and you are not allowed to appear in a bathing suit/ bikini only. You will need to cover up. So called nudism (wearing a bikini) and alcohol hotels are strictly forbidden at local islands. Even to openly practice any other form of religion is strictly forbidden. 

Some facts about the Maldives

  • It is a strict Muslim country, and on local islands strict rules apply
  • At resorts on the other hand, everything is allowed: bikini’s , shorts and alcohol
  • The Maldives are sinking due to global warming
  • The coral sadly enough perished mostly due to higher temperatures
  • It can get very hot at the Maldives with a burning sun
  • Dogs are perceived as unclean animals, while cats are loved
  • Sea life is abundant, large species such as manta rays swim around the Maldives. The biggest whale shark population is in the Maldives.
  • There are no dangerous snakes or insects in the Maldives
  • Only Muslim people can get the Malidivian citizenship.
  • Obviously, damage to coral is prohibited and fined. Many regulations are in force to keep the Maldives beautiful and clean.

Why did we go to the Maldives

I guess the Maldives had been kept in our minds for years already as a possible holiday destination. The most amazing beaches, the over water bungalows and the way guests were completely indulged in all the luxury.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not take any flights. The regulations changed continuously, often unpredictable, and different country borders closed on a regular base. We didn’t want to take the risk to get stuck in a country while traveling. With 5 kids going to school and dad’s work at the ICU, it would be terrible to be stuck somewhere. This is the reason we only did road-trips in Europe during the pandemic.

At the start of 2022, the pandemic seemed to be almost over. We started dreaming about flying again and decided to book tickets.  When we started thinking about where to go, many options were open. We considered going to Mexico, Costa Rica, the USA, the Bahamas and suddenly my husband came up with the Maldives. The price difference was only around 200 -250 euros more per person compared to tickets to Eastern European destinations! We decided to go to the Maldives, since it had been on our bucket list for years. We booked for two weeks. We decided to stay one week at a resort and one week on a boat. We ended up staying one week at a resort and one week at a local island, since the boat turned out to be very expensive. I cannot explain how euphoric we felt about our upcoming trip and flights after two years! I guess we had even missed waiting in queues at airports!

Concerns after we booked

After we had booked our flights, the questions and concerns started popping up. Going to the Maldives? With kids? Did we make a wise decision? Is the Maldives mostly a couples-only destination? A perfect honeymoon retreat? A paradise where you can sit, relax, eat, drink and swim all day? Will there be things to do? Plenty of activities? Would our kids get bored? Would we get bored? When we started to look up prices of resorts on all-inclusive base, the concerns got serious. The costs seemed to be ridiculously high!

By the time we booked our plane tickets, COVID related rules were still in force. We were going to be in the Maldives for two weeks. We wanted to stay for one week at a luxurious resort and for one week either on a boat or at a local island.

Then we discovered things would get terribly expensive for us:

  • If we wanted to stay at a resort first and then onboard, most boats required negative PCR tests too and the costs varied per resort depending on the distance to the laboratory in Male (the capital city). When coming from a resort near Male, we would be obliged to present a negative PCR test at the second accommodation at the cost of 250 USD per person. This would be 2000 USD for our family! Thank goodness these regulations expired by the time we took our flights. 
  • Would we choose a resort at a distance from the international airport, transfer costs would be a very high as well. We would easily end up paying 3000 USD for the flight to our resort. Any local way of transfer was just not an option at that moment since we would have to do the expensive PCR test again when traveled with local transfer.
  • After we booked our flights to the Maldives, we started searching for accommodation for one week and we came across ridiculously high costs!
  • The cheapest boat we found to stay at for a week with our family was on a catamaran, costing roughly 10.000 USD on all inclusive base except for alcoholic and soft drinks. Obviously this was not suitable for our young kids. A boat that would be safe and appropriate for our kids would be approximately 30.000 USD for our family for one week.
  • We would end up paying approximately 9.000 USD to accommodate all eight of us at a reasonable resort and 20.000 USD to stay at a more luxurious resort. We felt shocked and even considered cancellation of our flights!We decided eventually to stay for one week at a nice, kids friendly resort that was quite affordable, fun and luxurious, but not the ‘upper class’ luxurious kind of resort. The second week we would stay at a local island which was much cheaper and find a company to take us on snorkeling adventures.


Our journey to the Maldives

In April 2022 we went to the Maldives. Watch here for a short video about our journey. Just 5 minutes before we left, Ishita had a toddler breakdown and we needed to search through three suitcases to find her cuddly toy.

Our cab arrived shortly after this incident and off we went!

We had packed everything we needed to travel: passports, our Traveler health Declaration” (as required by Maldives immigration) and our international Corona vaccination certificate.

Just after the pandemic, our airport Schiphol in Amsterdam was amongst the worst organized and busiest worldwide. Meanwhile, things have improved, but back then it was extremely busy and reported cases of lost luggage were an ongoing problem.


We issued electronic tickets beforehand, still the line to check-in our suitcases was very long. 

When we were finally checked-in, we had to wait for over an hour in the queue for security. It was an outcome to have snacks along! Our home-made snacks were finished by the time we arrived at security.

We started to get nervous when we were stuck in the queue for customs, while it was almost our boarding time. When we finally passed, we hurried towards our gate and were thankfully in time.


We departed from Amsterdam in the afternoon. We had a 6 hrs flight to Jeddah with Saudi Arabian airlines. The staff was nice. Religion was predominantly present during the flight. Prayers echoed through the speakers during take-off. We were seated next to a prayer room, and many men stepped by, disappeared behind the curtains and started praying. t was different, but in a good way. 

We arrived at Jeddah at 11 pm and then something weird happened. In the transit zone we were separated based on our gender!

We could not believe our sons were sent to a different line and our girls were confronted with a different treatment just because of their gender! We did not like this experience at all. It would have been nice if we were, at leats, given an explanation of the reasons beforehand.

Except for this weird incident, our journey went fine. Once reunited, we went to have a snack at Jeddah airport. Jedah Airport is a stunning airport! The kids played around a bit and we departed at 2.35 am to Male, Maldives. We arrived at Male after a 5.5 hrs flight at 10.15 am local time. Finally the start of our first overseas holiday after the pandemic! 

Where to stay with kids in the Maldives?

Are you thinking of relaxing in your over water villa, enjoying the crystal-clear ocean and walking on white sandy beaches while nipping from your cocktail in bathing suit?

Then you have the luxurious idea of a resort in the Maldives in mind. However, did you know you can also visit the Maldives on a budget? At local islands, different rules apply. You have to cover up and dress appropriately except when on boat excursions, and there is no alcohol or pork allowed. However, you will still enjoy crystal clear waters, awesome snorkeling and diving adventures and stroll around at white sandy beaches.

Visit the Maldives at a Resort (expensive) versus at Local islands (budget)

Basically, you can visit the Maldives on a budget and stay at local islands, or you can visit the Maldives in a more luxurious way and have the ultimate paradise experience at the resorts.

It actually sounds very contradictory with the images of sunbathing tourist scarcely clothed nipping cocktails on the beach in the back of your mind, but the Maldives is a strict Islamic country.

At local islands  you will not find alcoholic beverages or po. Wearing a bikini is considered as public nudity and prohibited by law. The only exception when you will be allowed to wear a bikini, is when you take a boat excursion from the local island, or at tourist beaches on the local island, if there are any. At local islands, you can stay at hotels or guesthouses. Unmarried local couples are not allowed to check in at a hotel.

At resorts however, pork and alcohol are available and you are free to wear whatever you like. The resort islands are not regarded to as local islands.

Stay at a resort with kids in The Maldives

When you choose to stay at a resort, the Maldives is not a cheap destination. Most resorts are situated on their own island.

There are over 150 resorts in the Maldives and all the resorts are dream destinations on small islands surrounded by the crystal-clear ocean.

So how will you choose a child-friendly resort?

There are a few things to keep in mind

Consider higher travel costs if you stay at more remote resorts. When you arrive in Male, the capital city of the Maldives, you will need transport to your resort. The resorts further away from Malé are more remote and without local boats around. This might sound very appealing, but the downside is higher costs and extra time to your journey. The costs can easily add up! When we were looking for accommodation, we found prices such as 515 USD per person for transfer per water helicopter to the most southern point. Although at start the aerial view of many picturesque islands was incredibly attractive to us, we decided not to do it. For a family of eight this would be over 4000 USD which is ridiculously expebsice. We would have considered it for sure if we were with less people, but for our family it was simply too expensive. Afterwards we met several families who had taken a helicopter ride, most families said it was an unforgettable experience . A few did not like the noise of the helicopter and their small kids did not enjoy the helicopter at all.

Figure out what activities you want to do with kids. Keep in mind that a resort is situated solely on an island, meaning there are not a lot of activities, stores and restaurants around. You will rely on the resort for things to do mostly. When you travel with kids it might be good to consider a resort 

      • which organizes live music, entertainment and karaoke.
      • which organizes fun activities like movie nights and pyama parties.
      • with a kids club for playing, drawing, painting and a game center.
      • with childcare if you want some parents-alone time to go on excursions or have a romantic dinner.
      • with a kids club.

Diving or snorkeling?

In case you want to dive / snorkel, think about what marine life you would love to encounter. The many islands of the Maldives are grouped geographically into 26 atolls and no atoll is less beautiful. However, some atolls are more famous for certain marine species.

Just to name a few:

  • In South Ari Atoll (Alifu Dhaalu Atoll) swimming with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world is possible. It is known as one of the best places to swim with whale sharks and manta rays. If you are searching for accommodation in Accomodation South Ari Atoll to see Whale Sharks, you can stay at local islands (Dhigurah Island, Maamigili Island) or at a resort (Sun Island Resort). 
  • Hanifaru Bay (Baa Atoll) is well-known for the many manta rays, snorkeling will be a fantastic experience. Whale shark sightings are common too. Places to stay in Baa Atoll are Dharavandhoo Island (local) or Royal Island Resort.
  • At Kuredu Express (Lhaviyani Atoll) you can dive and spot grey reef sharks, eagle rays and many more species.
  • Dive site Girifushi Thila (North Male Atoll) is famous for its abundant and colorful coral. At Manta Point in the same atoll you can haven encounters with whitetip reef sharks, manta rays and more.
  • At dive site Cocoa Thila (South Male Atoll) you can spot tuna, grey reef sharks, and eagle rays.
  • The world-famous dive site Hammerhead Point at Rasdhoo Atollis one of the few dive sites that offers encounters with hammerhead sharks.

Would you like to stay at a bigger or more intimate resort?

This would be a matter of personal preferences. We chose a slightly bigger resort, at a ‘bigger’ island so we felt assured there would be plenty of stuff to do and to walk around in case we needed some variety. 

Remember every resort in the Maldives is a dream destination and every beach is breathtaking!

You will find many amazing resorts surrounded by blue hued ocean and swinging palms all throughout the Maldives. Many claim to offer the best, most beautiful beaches, but I honestly cannot see how. The beaches are unbeatable all throughout the Maldives, the sand is white on all islands and the water is divine everywhere. I would not choose based on so-called best beaches, but more based on what you want to do, see and what you are willing to pay.

Family friendly resorts in the Maldives

  • Soneva Fushi : they have a kids club, baby-sitting service and many activities for kids. Safe accommodations on the beach. The playground is one of  is the largest in South Asia (the size of six tennis courts!). 
  • Dusit Thani Maldives: fun activities for kids and nice beach villa’s with private pools. 
  • Four Seasons Kuda Huraa:they offer beach and outdoor activities, creative crafts, and fun, educational games. This amazing resort is only 25 minutes away from male international airport.
  • Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa: exciting activities, a climbing wall, a treehouse. They offer waterskiing, jet-skiing, sunset cruises, sailing, surfing, paddleboarding. This stunning resort is at a distance of only 30 minutes by speedboat. 
  • Anantara Kihava Maldives Villa: you need to take a 30 minutes seaplane transfer from the airport. There are activities available like snorkeling and diving. There is a stunning underwater restaurant which is truly unique. Also, a nice kids’ club.  
  • COMO Maalifushi: they offer snorkeling with a Marine Biologist, dolphin cruises, and surfing. They have a kids’ club.
  • Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa: They organize jungle treks, underwater adventures, crab hunting,  pirate treasure hunts.
  • Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort: there is a Marine Butler, who teaches about the fishes. The villa’s have a retractable roof to watch the stars at night. 
  • Six Senses Laamu:  kids’ club with indoor and outdoor games, movies, junior baking, arts and crafts, education about the local ecosystem. Several activities like treasure hunts, and cycling. It takes 35 minutes to fly from the Malé International Airport to the Kadhdhoo Airport in Laamu. From there, take a 15-minute trip to the resort via speedboat.
  • Kuramathi Island Resort:guided snorkeling, nature walks, treasure hunts, beach activities, and marine life education in conjunction with the resort’s Eco Centre.
  • Conrad Maldives: a kids’ club and a very impressive all-glass undersea restaurant. On a 30 minutes distance by seaplane from Male. There is a kids Club with fun activities. The underwater restaurant is truly impressive!  
  • Club Med Kani Maldives Resort: many activities, like arts and crafts, cooking, beach games, face painting. They own a flying trapeze. They offer water activities like sailing, scuba diving, water polo, water skiing, and wakeboarding.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Maldives: they offer a nice kids’ club, music classes (including DJ courses), water activities, and more.
  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon and Spa: close to Male, nice kids club. They organize activities like snorkeling, fishing, diving.
  • Fairmont Maldives: kid’s club, a play garden, a dedicated Art Studio, and Cooking Classes for the kids .
  • Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa Maldives with a kids pool, daily kids’ activities.
  • Kanahura with a kids club and fun kids activities
  • Kina Maldives island resort & Spa: they offer a kids club, playground, game room and fun activities. 
  • The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort: they have a beautiful kids club.
  • Lily Beach Resort & Spa: they offer a kid’s buffet in the restaurant, a swimming pool, and a game club. 
  • Vakkaru: they have a kids’ club, cooking classes and a kids pool.
  • Joali Maldives: activities include treasure hunts, native storytelling, and workshops where kids learn to cook. A children’s spa is available.
  • OBLU Select Sangeli : a kids’ pool, a playground with a trampoline, and various indoor games. 
  • Constance Halaveli: several activities for kids such as  diving, jet-ski, water-skiing, knee-boarding, fun tubes,
  • Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives: offers kids’ activities like scuba and snorkeling, dolphin spotting, surfing and they have a kids’ club. 
  • Niyama: kids’ club with playground, trampoline, splash park, gourmet kitchen, diving and snorkeling.
  • Velaa Private Island: the kids club offers fun educational activities. They have an indoor play area, nursery, outdoor swimming pool, waterpark, and pirate ship ride.
  • Kandima Maldives: offers an adventure splash playground, trampoline, climbing wall, table tennis, and indoor play areas. They have two pools including a 100-meter pool.
  • LUX* South Ari Atoll: they have a treasure hunt activity, and a kids’ club .
  • One & Only Reethi Rah: they have a huge outdoor climbing wall and a fun kids’ club with various activities including cooking classes, crafts and games. Over an hour boat ride to reach the resort. 
  • The Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort: with a fun kids club, that organizes arts and crafts, outdoor activities, and entertainment. 
  • Amilla Fuif Resort and Residence: a luxurious resort , accessible by seaplane and with a great kids’ club.
  • St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort:luxury private island resort is a 45-minute seaplane ride from the Velana International Airport. They organize many  activities, including dolphin watching, fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, and snorkeling.
  • Kurumba Maldives: reached by only 10 minutes on seaplane. At the kids club, there are a splash pad, pool table, tennis table, and more. They organize special excursions and watersports. 
  • Soneva Fushi: reach by a 30 minutes seaplane ride from Male International Airport. Most rooms have private pools and a water slide. They organize activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing. 
  • Sonevi Jani: a luxurious resort accessible by seaplane from Male International airport. The water villa’s have a private pool and water slides. They organize activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing trips.   
  • Costance Moofushi Maldives: the kids’ club organizes excursions, water activities, games, art crafts, cooking classes. 
  • Ozen Reserve Bolifushi : reach the resort with a speedboat ride from Velana International airport. There are several activities at the hotel like canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing. There is a fun kids club.  
  • Gili Lankanfushi Maldives: a 20 minutes boat ride from Maple International Airport. A kids friendly resort in the North Male atoll. Families can do several activities like surfing, diving, snorkeling, cooking classes, and movie nights. 

Where did we stay?

We chose Hard Rock hotel Maldives to stay at for a week. We are a family of eight, so we needed two rooms.

When we arrived in Male, and got outside, we were guided to a speedboat. It was a 20 minutes ride to our resort in quite a large speedboat. The staff welcomed us from the shore.

There was a connection to another resort, SAii Lagoon Maldives, and we would be allowed to swim there as well. Marina Crossroads, a touristic area with restaurants and stores, connected both the resorts. This was very appealing to us, not to be limited to our resort only if we wanted to explore a bit more.

We know from experience Hard Rock Hotels are great for families. They do not mind noisy, running kids, and they always provide shows and things to do. We ended up using none of the kids’ amenities eventually to be honest, but in case we would have wanted to, there was an excellent kids club.

We stayed on all-inclusive base and this allowed us to eat in several restaurants on the island.

Hard Rock hotel was lovely, the staff was very sweet and in the morning we only had to open our garden door to be on a beautiful beach. 
The sea was divine, the pool was nice, the cocktails / mocktails were delicious, Hard Rock hotel was all about indulging in a luxurious paradise with (too much) great food!

Snorkeling with kids in the Maldives

We went to the Maldives for two weeks and we were determined to spend a lot of time snorkeling in the magnificent Indian Ocean. One of the reasons why we went to the Maldives was to experience its amazing and abundant sea life.

Tanisha and Shail snorkeling in the Maldives

The first week we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, a luxurious, expensive resort on all-inclusive base. We loved the relaxation and getting spoiled at a resort. However, after a week, living on 4 square kilometers even when those kilometers are paradise, we felt like seeing more and doing more. At our resort we went from restaurant to the beach to the swimming pool to the bar, back to a restaurant and so on.

An all-inclusive resort is amazing, but it is also a bit of a ‘fake world’ and you do not get to know the real, local life in the Maldives.

The famous watervilla's in the Maldives

Snorkeling in the Maldives

During our luxurious stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives we did not swim amongst fishes. Every night we used to watch many fishes, sharks and stingrays when we walked on the bridge connecting Hard Rock Hotel to Marina Crossroads. It was not allowed after sunset to snorkel or dive due to safety reasons, many sharks and stingrays were attracted to the lights on the bridge. Snorkeling during the day was fun , but we only discovered few fishes in the waters surrounding the complex.

Watching sharks, stingrays and many more fishes from the bridge

The second week in the Maldives we went to the local island Hulhulmale and stayed at a 4-star hotel. Hulhulmale is only a 10 minutes’ drive from the international airport Male.

During this second week at a local island, we only spent one-fourth of the money we spent in the first week at a resort! Surprisingly, it is very affordable to stay at local islands in the Maldives. It is different and stricter regulations apply to clothing and outfits, but these rules are not in charge on snorkeling/ diving tours available from the local islands. Read more about the local islands.

We found several snorkeling and diving tours on the internet, but many were quite expensive. We hoped to find an affordable tour operator in Male or Hulhulmale.

However, we spent one day strolling around Male and we did not even find one snorkel tour operator! With 6 kids in the burning sun, you simply can’t explore Male thoroughly. Read more about Male.

Then we noticed the tour operator just opposite of our hotel in Hulhulmale, right across the street. Dive Club Maldives at Furuba Beach. The perfect, family friendly tour operator that we were searching for!

Opposite our hotel in Hulhulmale, the stretched Furuba Beach offered amazing views of the Indian Ocean.
Dive Club Maldives from our hotel room

We went over to have a chat with the staff of Dive Club Maldives. They offer many packages, like snorkeling and diving adventures, dolphin watching tours, sand banks tours, and fun tubes adventures. We chatted along with the very friendly manager at Dive Club Maldives and he suggested a package of 4 days in which we would explore several snorkel sites and also spot dolphins and go fishing! We were super excited about the upcoming tours!

Besides the tours, Dive Club Maldives offers accommodation as well. They own Whale Shark Villa, located at Ari Atoll Fenfushi island. This area is known for its abundance of underwater life, huge manta’s and famous for its whale shark sanctuary. Sadly enough we couldn’t stay at Whale Shark Villa since our time was limited. We would have loved to swim with the manta’s and watch more sharks! we hope to return in the future and stay at Whale Shark Villa. 

Staff at Dive Club Maldives helped us pick the right snorkel excursions

Little did we know back then, how much we would become attached to the amazing staff members of Dive Club Maldives.

We ended up spending four days and many hours together, in which the staff members became our friends, it almost felt like being with family. They were so much involved and caring about us and our kids, far beyond any of our expectations!

Excited about our upcoming snorkeling adventures in the Maldives!

The next morning after breakfast at our hotel, we went to Dive Club Maldives. The so-called ‘limousine’ of the company picked us up and transferred us to the boat. This day, we would visit two snorkel sites: Fish Tank and Maagiri. 

Transfer to the boat

Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, the friendly staff helped us onboard and our journey started!

Since the boat of Dive Club Maldives  is not huge, the tours were private or almost private and each guest received personal attention.

Onboard there is plenty of space to move around and everything is clean and well-organized. Off we went to our first snorkeling site! 

Comfortable and safe onboard
Getting ready to jump in the sea!

Soon, we arrived at Fish Tank. Our youngest girl, only three years old, was afraid to snorkel at start. The staff of Dive Club Maldives took complete care of our girl. They offered her some bread to feed the fishes and this was incredibly fun to Ishita. Several months has passed and she still remembers feeding fish in the Maldives.

Ishita having lots of fun while feeding fishes!

Fish tank was amazing in every way. We could not believe what we saw the moment we looked below the surface of the sea!! An abundance of underwater life, literally everywhere around us! 

We were deeply impressed when we spotted several stingrays. Stingrays can be dangerous and we were asked beforehand not to touch them , since they can attack with their stings. It was just amazing to watch them graciously glide through the ocean. 

After Fishtank we headed to Maagiri, which was a different experience. There were less fishes, but more the feeling of pure nature and loneliness. Fishtank is quite popular amongst snorkelers.  

What we really loved about snorkeling with Dive Club Maldives, is that we were given the opportunity to be in the sea altogether. The staff took excellent care of our little ones.

The staff also took many photos and videos of our family and the fishes with our GoPro. They were truly supportive in every way! 

Then it was time to return after 5 hours. We had had a fantastic day and we talked about it all night long! 

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